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Transfer Money From UK to India

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  • Transfer Money From UK to India
Transfer Money From UK to India

Transfer Money From UK to India With Best Forex

The latest stats of World Bank show us that the biggest transmittal corridor of the United Kingdom in India. A figure of £4 billion is transferred, on yearly basis, from the UK to India. This makes a total of 16% of the total transmittal from the UK. Thus, this shows that a lot of people send or transfer money from the UK to India and there is a specific process to do so. However, we will be sharing with all the newbies, who might be finding a method to transfer money from the UK to India. What options do you have when it comes to this transmittal? It is all in here! Let’s dig into the different mediums through which money can be transferred from the UK to India with ease.

Top 3 Ways Of Transfer Money From UK to India

The modern world has created 100 different types of eases for humans. Free money transfer to India from one corner of the world to another is one such amazing ease that has made life super comfortable. Here are the top 3 ways to transfer money from the UK to India.

Bank Transfer:

This is the most common method of transmitting money from any country to another one. Banks are considered the ultimate primary port of transferring money on the international and local basis both. If you have a bank account, you really don’t have an issue with transferring money. However, there can be some basic issues like not owning an account and expensive fees. The stats of India show us that majority of people (up to 40%) do not have proper access to financial comforts like owning an account.

Second, bank transfer on international levels cost a lot. This is an expensive medium and if a person is a new settlement or resident of United Kingdom, it can be pretty tough to handle the transfer costs. If these two hurdles are not being a hindrance for you, in transferring money then you can make with Best Forex UK the best money transfer service in London.

Mobile Wallet:

It is suspected that by 2019, a majority of 40% will certainly own a smartphone in India. This has boosted the amount of the transfer money from UK to India excessively. But basically what is Mobile Wallet?

A lot of people do not know about it. It is an application which you have to install in your smartphone. It functions like your normal wallet as it facilitates you to store money, send money directly to another person who owns mobile wallet too and it also lets you makes payments via it. You can send money through Mobile Wallet, anywhere in the world without any issue.

Best Forex Agent:

So this is the 3rd most commonly used medium to send money from UK to India. Sending cash is considered as one of the easiest ways. In this option, you just need come to us (who sends money from one place to another), pop the cash in ours hands, give us the address and we transfer your money anywhere you want to. There are some details that you need to give to the agent.

They will be demanding the receiver details too. Once the money is transferred, the receiver can get it from any local money agent right away. It just takes a few clicks and the money is transferred with seconds.


These 3 commonly used methods are the best ones to opt for while you look for an option for transfer money from UK to India. It is best that you compare the prices of the services that different banks. Contact Us Now

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