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  • Send Money to Nigeria

Do you want to send money to Nigeria? Best Forex UK’s money transfer options let you choose how you want to get it in Nigeria, how they want to pick it up, and how you want to pay for it. Best way to send money to Nigeria is with us. Not only is money sent quickly, […]

  • best currency exchange rates in London.

Whether it be taking foreign cash, a travel card or using your own debit or credit card, it’s important to weigh up options before setting sail to avoid getting stung with hefty fees and charges to get the best currency exchange rates in London. Cutting costs with the new players There are a number of […]

  • Transfer Money From UK to India

Transfer Money From UK to India With Best Forex The latest stats of World Bank show us that the biggest transmittal corridor of the United Kingdom in India. A figure of £4 billion is transferred, on yearly basis, from the UK to India. This makes a total of 16% of the total transmittal from the […]